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FAQs re matchday ticket changes

22 January 2019

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Last week it was announced that changes to the matchday ticket purchasing process would be implemented. After reviewing the feedback, an FAQ guide has been created to help fans who attend home games fully understand the club’s aims, answer any questions and reassure supporters.

Why have these changes been made?

Over the last few months, we have been looking at ways to increase our online traffic and manage an accurate database of customers. Following the events at the Solihull Moors and Ebbsfleet United games, it became apparent that this review and subsequent changes needed to be expedited. After speaking with other clubs who use the same system, the proposed changes would bring us in line with how they manage their customer purchases.

What does this mean for supporters purchasing tickets online?

In essence, the experience will remain the same with the added benefits of extended time to purchase. Instead of the standard four hours before kick-off, supporters who opt for print at home will be able to do so up to one hour before and for those who prefer to collect tickets, they can be ordered up to two hours before. Supporters have full autonomy on the data held in the online account and changes can be made at any time. For customers creating a new account, one of the new changes is the mandatory request for a date of birth. This is due to the age verification changes that will be coming into force on the online ticketing system.

What does this mean for supporters purchasing tickets face to face?

Currently anyone who purchases a ticket face to face up to 1.30pm is required to have that transaction recorded against an existing customer record, or a have a new one created. After careful consideration, the decision was taken to apply this process to all face to face sales regardless of the time. It is expected that the majority of supporters will already have a record in the system so it will be a simple case of surname and postcode to locate the correct record. Supporters with an online account will be able to see every time a transaction is loaded. We would encourage everyone to set up an online account to make the process easier moving forward.

What if I don’t have a customer record?

In the event that you don’t have a record on our system, a new one will be created for you. This takes a few minutes and requires some basic information.

What if I don’t want to give my details?

We appreciate the sensitivity around personal data in the modern age, however steps must be taken to bring our club in line with how other clubs operate. For those who do not wish to give details face to face, a form will be provided to take away and complete at your leisure. Again, we must stress that the easiest way for supporters to manage this process seamlessly is by creating an online account. A ticket will be sold to anyone who doesn’t wish to give details but there will be a maximum grace period of three games before it becomes mandatory.

Is my personal data safe?

The club and its employees take the GDPR regulations very seriously, with only a limited number of personnel having access to the database of our supporters. All staff who are identified as data controllers or data processors will have received the relevant training to ensure the security of the information we hold. All supporters have the option, either online or face to face, to select their GDPR preferences. All supporters are reminded that under the regulations they have the ability to ask for their data to be deleted or suppressed in the system. 

The original article mentioned proof of ID - what does this mean?

It is with regret that we have found supporters purchasing incorrect age category tickets for the sole reason of paying a lower admission fee. We know that the majority of our supporters would agree that this is unfair to the people who pay the correct amount. This means that anyone buying tickets in our concession categories (Over-65, 17-21, Student, U16 and U7) may be asked for proof of age if we have concerns about the ticket that has been purchased. We would strongly advise that you carry some form of proof of age to ensure a quick entry to the stadium. Supporters who are challenged and do not have any proof of age on them will be allowed entry in to the stadium but a note of their order number will be taken and a note placed on their individual customer record. Season ticket holders have already provided this proof at point of sale. In the event of a cup match, ID will not be required for any games outside of the 23 league ones. Due to the misuse of this facility online, the club has been left no choice but to mandate DOB details like other clubs so we can apply age verification on tickets purchased.

I buy more than one ticket at a time - will I need everyone’s details?

We are happy at this time to have one lead name on purchases as we appreciate that supporters do buy tickets for friends and family in one go. The person making the purchase will have all the tickets linked to their customer record. We would advise if you are buying tickets for anyone in the concession categories to remind them of the need to carry proof of age as the stewards will be carrying out spot checks.

Have the payment methods changed?

No! The club accepts cash or card for any purchase. We also have contactless terminals for purchases that are £30 or less.

A 2.45pm closing time has been mentioned – what if I am late?

That is okay! We won’t be turning any supporters away from the stadium. We are working to an ‘aim to close’ time of 2.45pm, which is in line with a few clubs that we engage with. However, we appreciate that not everyone can make it before that time or that we may still have a queue. All supporters will be served until the queue has gone.

We appreciate that there is a lot of information to take in and we would advise anyone with any queries to email

A reminder of the online troubleshooting queries is listed below:

For online users, If you are unsure how to login to your account or you are experiencing problems, please email with your full name, date of birth and email address.

To register an account, please go to and click ‘Register’ at the top right-hand corner.

To update your account details, go to and once you have logged in click on your name and select ‘Personal Details’.

We thank all our supporters for their co-operation regarding the above matters.

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