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Ian Evatt Pre Wycombe Wanderers

26 April 2018

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Ian Evatt spoke to the press earlier today, as he prepares for his first match as caretaker manager on Saturday against Wycombe Wanderers, 3pm. Here’s a taster of what he had to say…….

On Jack Lester and coaching staff departures: “It’s obviously very sad, ourselves as players haven’t got enough good results to keep them in their jobs, it’s as simple as that.

“It’s a sorry and this season has been a complete tragedy and that’s another one added to the list. Results haven’t been good enough and in no way shape or form is that a reflection of the coaching staff, the players have got to take responsibility for it.

On the players reaction to relegation to the National League: “(It’s been) shock, disappointment and rightly so, it’s got to hurt.

“Players have got to self-analyse, and they’ve got to look at how they’ve performed and come back stronger from it, because it’s not been good enough.

“For this club to be relegated out of the Football League is a complete travesty, and something that has to be improved on in future.”

On taking the job as caretaker manager: “I think that anyone who knows me, will know that I will do anything I can and what’s right for this football club.

“If the powers that be wanted me in charge until the end of the season then so be it, I’ll give it my best shot, 110 per cent and try and somehow try to salvage some positivity from the last three games.

“I can’t change the outcome in terms of relegation, but I can certainly change the mood going into the summer.”

On the supporters’ reaction on Saturday: “I’m expecting them to be annoyed, angry and upset and they should be because we’ve let them down.

“What I will say is, that going forward a large number of those players are still going to be here next season and we’ve got to show them the same commitment that they’ve shown us this season and that means running that extra 10 yards, going into tackles, putting your body on the line, playing a high, fast tempo of football, scoring goals.

“We’ve got to show them that we’re willing to do that, and if we do that I’m sure they’ll back us, because this hasn’t been good for a long time now, for two-three years maybe. And they’ve still come in their thousands and it shows that they want to back us. And we’ve got to give them something back in return.”

On the players who played in the Derbyshire Senior Cup final: “Everyone comes into my thinking, on Tuesday their attitude was fantastic, and showed me that they want to play and care about this football club. And that’s important and what I’m looking for.

“It’s not all about the technique, that’s just a bonus, the bare minimum of a footballer is showing that you care about this football club and the people who do that will play for me in these next three games.”

On Joe Rowley: “Saturday was a difficult one for Joe, but it’s a learning curve. He’s a young player and he’s going to have set backs and he’s going to have to deal with them.

“He was rightly very upset because of the circumstances and because we’ve been relegated. I spoke to him on Saturday and Sunday and when I came into the job on Monday, I told him that I needed him to play on Tuesday just to see what reaction I got from him – and the reaction I got was different class and exactly what I asked for and what I wanted to see.

“So, for me Joe is right in the fold for Saturday.”

On team selection: “Everybody will be involved, but I will pick a team that I feel will win us the game on Saturday.

“We’ve trained all week with the players and I’m literally watching from the side-lines to see who wants to play.

“I can’t do both (play and manage), I still see myself as a player, but it’s my job now to manage these last three matches, so I’ll be watching from the side-lines and picking a team that I think will be best to win these next three games.”

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