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Signed Merchandise Policy

27 September 2017

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Chesterfield Football Club will no longer accept requests for the signing of any club or club-related merchandise other than those that are either for one of our agreed charities or via a contractual agreement with club sponsors or partners.

This decision has been made due to an increasing demand by fans for signed merchandise.

The value of signed merchandise donated for good causes has also been undermined by the sheer amount of signed merchandise that is in the public domain.

The club will therefore no longer agree to sign any purchased merchandise from the Club Superstore or any retail or commercial sources related to Chesterfield Football Club and requests will be politely refused in line with this policy.

Supporters are advised that no merchandise should be brought to the Proact Stadium for signing.

Any items being signed on all club premises is at the discretion of Chesterfield FC at all times.

Over the course of a season, Chesterfield Football Club organise events attended by players that are structured and allow our supporters to have items signed. Please note that the maximum number of items permitted per individual is three to ensure that all have a fair opportunity to get items signed.

No fan should ask a player for their shirt as they are presented to the shirt sponsors at the end of the season.

A number of opportunities are provided throughout the season for fans to obtain player-signed shirts through auctions and raffles.

If an item is wanted for a special occasion, a request can be made in writing to at least a month ahead of the event. A greeting card or shirt can be purchased with a request for it to be signed by an individual player. Please contact the Club Superstore for further details.

Individuals approaching individual members of staff need to be aware that all staff have been advised to adhere to this Signed Merchandise Policy.

It should be stressed that we are certainly not stopping genuine requests from fans for autographs. We are targetting those people who ask for multiple cards and/or items of merchandise to be signed with the sole intention of selling items online.

Ashley Carson

Director & Company Secretary


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