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Gary Caldwell Pre Colchester United

12 September 2017

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Chesterfield manager Gary Caldwell spoke to the media yesterday, ahead of tonight's match with Colchester United, 7.45pm, there were plenty of topics up for discussion and here's some of what he had to say.

On moving on from Crewe defeat: “I think the game tomorrow is great – it means we have something to focus on. I watch every game back more than once quite often, and if there are tactical or technical issues, I can look at that and speak to players, to give them advice and help.

“But I don’t think that was the case, a lot of our problems were self-inflicted, a lot of them were mental, and I’m not qualified to help people with that.

“What I have to do is keep them positive, keep the players believing in what they’re doing and let them know that this will turn if we stay strong and stick together.

“Losing can become a habit; I’ve been a part of both before. Sometimes you win games and you think ‘we’re not even playing well, how did we win that?’ and other times you can be playing ok and losing which is probably our case right now.

“The players know exactly what is needed, they know that Saturday is not acceptable and that we have to do something about it.”

On players’ morale and his own: “It’s fine from what I see in and around the place, but I told the players that if that’s the case, they need to stop talking and start showing it.

“Three o’clock on a Saturday is the time to show that morale is good and that everything’s right, and 7.45 on Tuesday is another chance for them to do that.

“We need to stop talking and start acting on what we’re doing, and start getting results from that.

“I can totally understand the discontent of the fans, I’m just as frustrated, annoyed and disappointed as everyone else, and I’m working hard to try and change things.

“I’ve been in difficult places as a player, and I had to fight for everything I got during my playing career. As a young coach, I’ve been in difficult places before this as well, so I understand that you have to fight and stand up and be counted, and I will do that.

“The board have given me 100% backing, and I understand that I need to get the results to justify and maintain that, but the club have been fantastic in the support that they’ve shown me, allowing me to go and do my job.

“All I can say is that I’m working extremely hard for them, because with the work that they put in for the club, they deserve success as well.”

On Colchester challenge and the game’s importance: “Colchester are a team in good form from Saturday, they play with a lot of enthusiasm and energy and we have to match that. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I believe in these players, and I think we can go there and get a result.

“I’ll also say that it’s time to stop talking and start acting.

“It’s no bigger than any other game, as much as people make out to be. We prepare every game to try and win, we want to win every game.

“If I said it was bigger and prepared more, I would have been doing the club a disservice for the games that came before.”

On academy player, Will Russ’ Welsh international call up: “Will is somebody that we have big hopes for. We’ve tried to get him training with the first team, but it’s not quite materialised yet – we’ll hopefully get him up soon.

“Guy Branston was instrumental in getting him into the international set-up, and hopefully he’ll go over there, play and be another one on the conveyor belt of talent coming through the academy.

“I think it’s massive that we have an academy, it’s not something I’ve ever considered moving away from; I think that we develop players for this club, not just to play for us but also to finance the club. I think that’s massive for teams like Chesterfield, so it’s a good thing that we have such a good one.”

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