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MEDIA WEEKLY: Images and Shooting Them

10 November 2016

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This week Spireites club photographer Tina Jenner takes control of the media weekly column; giving a fascinating insight into the challenges she comes up against.

My Differing Role at the Club

I don't just shoot on matchday, I have lots of other things to do at the club like presentations, events and advertising photos - all of which I then make designs for - and they take different skills. Then I do do some work outside the club to help make ends meet.

You have to know your kit as it's different for whatever you're shooting. I have strong belief that photographers can excel at everything, be it weddings, photo shoots or the matchday photos I take. So knowing what you're doing in a particular area is vital.

A Different Matchday View

My view of games is completely different from a supporter's. People talk to me about games and the key moments and I've no idea sometimes - but I do see things that other people don't I see up close, with little things going on with the players.

Because I'm concentrating on taking photos I'm following the ball but also trying to be aware of what might happen next. If Gboly Ariyibi's running down the wing and crossing it in I've no idea who he's aiming for as I can't see - because I'm so focused it can be hard to get a bigger view of it all.

As a journalist you are selective of what you report and what's important, but for me it's different: I'm not selective during the game, I'm selective when I edit instead.

Things I Have to Consider

You have to know your game well and know the players you're shooting. I take photos at training and get to know their habits and get a feel of how they act - that helps you be prepared for matchday.

Being at games and shooting also helps you get your eye in. I've not been able to get to some of the games in this recent run of away matches so on Sunday I need to get into it quickly and into my rhythm. With it being the Sheffield United game as well I know it's the big one and I need to be on it and keep focused.

I listen to music during the game. It can be quite intimidating being sat that close in front of the fans, especially if we're not doing so well so some upbeat music helps to keep me focused; then you're in your own little world and you see everything through your lens.

If it's a difficult game to shoot I might just have one earphone in so I can get a feel of a difficult game, then the crowd an give you an indication of what's happening, maybe what the manager's doing, as depending on where I'm positioned I can't always see him well.

This Sunday I'll also been thinking differently from the other photographers. As club photographer I'll be taking advantage of the nice full stadium for upcoming designs I do, be that for the website, programmes, season ticket adverts and things like that. So you may see me heading to the back of the stands to take photos up there.

My Kit

For the football side of things you need a fast responsive camera - and it helps if it's a bit water proof as well! You need a long focal lens to get as close to the action as you can. I don't have one of those mega telefocal lenses as you some people have, my camera is good enough that I can focus in and crop the images I want.  

You don't necessarily need one of the big lenses, I think I've proved that over the years. As long as you understand the capabilities of your camera you can work to your strengths. I shoot fully in manual mode, so there's a lot I have to consider and keep in my head during the games.

Tina Jenner - Spireites Club Photographer

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