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#HungarySpireites - Tour Diary: Day 4 (belated)

13 July 2016

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The wifi drought is over. Well, thank goodness for that! Here's what happened yesterday, with the Apollon Limassol match to come today.

The big news today is that the wifi is down, which is having wide-reaching effects on the Spireites' traveling party.

After two days of three-sessioned days today sees a reduction to two footballing sessions out on the grass, with the 35 degree temperature meaning they have been in the morning and the evening to avoid the eye of the heated storm.

That leaves the middle of the day free and strong instructions that this time must be used for rest. Indeed, even sunbathing was strictly banned this afternoon, which Ian Evatt didn't much like: "What about the vitamin D?" was his optimistic but hopeless argument.

So, a few hours to relax in without the option of streaming or surfing. Much sleeping was inevitably done, one squad member was heard to remark that it was a good job he'd set his alarm when he came out from 6pm training.

For a media officer the wifi famine goes beyond boredom and into a strong frustration. Articles can be written, videos can be edited (and in both cases they have been) but without the means to launch them on the site or PlayerHD the helplessness really grows. A bike ride into the centre of Telki, which isn't far but does take in a big hill, led to only a coffee as it transpires that the whole of Telki is down, wifi-wise.

Still, when the signal returns there will be a glorious glut for you Spireites, sooner rather than later I hope.

Back to that first training session, the more intense one of the day and in swealtering conditions. After the warm up and speed work it was into footballing drills and small-sided games. The pitches were instructed to be watered all morning and the play from both ten-man groups of two teams was really encouraging. There will be a good video of this, if the wifi ever switches itself back on.

Each four minute drill was followed by a 90 second pause for drinks and rest, but while the water was cool thanks to Steve the kitman and his wheelie bin full of ice, shade was in short supply.

The lookout was on for the worst sunburn in the squad, and while the fair-skinned duo of Jon Nolan and Dion Donohue may understandably be the most rouge, and though plenty of the squad have turned caramel, the biggest eyebrow raise must go to Charlie Raglan, who bafflingly is neither tanned nor burned and is the exact shade he was when he arrived here. Clearly he takes sunscreen very seriously, a good on him for that.

After over an hour of lung-busting work - "it's your mind that's tired not your legs," as Morgs loudly put it - the session ended with a crossing and shooting drill, and when Ritchie Humphreys volleyed home a finish deliciously off the crossbar a shout of "that's the Premier League years there lads" was heard in celebration.

The second session and the weather was noticeably cooler, with more in-game situations gone through with the gaffer. Noticably, attentions and eyes are starting to stray towards the Apollon Limassol match on Wednesday and their sessions on the adjacent pitch.

Dinner time at Ryan Fulton was in and then out before most of the squad had set down, bed calling the new signing. Some of the other players played cards afterwards - though they only managed to find a 51-card pack.

A good sleep and after another morning session the pre-season friendlies will be underway, should be good...if the wifi ever comes back.

More later today, after the Limassol match.

Iain Pearce - Spireites Media Team

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