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#HungarySpireites - Tour Diary: Day 3

11 July 2016

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It's not getting any easier for the Spireites, the weather, like the training, is heating up - so let's check in with the squad...

First, to last night and the Euro 2016 final. You may remember that squad concerns were aired, with worries it may not be screened anywhere at the hotel. Well, there was nothing to worry about. A projector was set-up and the game was shown in HD glory, albeit with Hungarian commentary.

Alas, the slow nature of the match got the beating of the Spireites squad; Dion Donohue and Jay O'Shea went to play table tennis at half time and by extra time the once crowded meeting room was completely empty. Perhaps Ollie Banks had stayed up to watch it all in his room - his head was seen bobbing towards his food during lunch today.

While Ronaldo's injury/weeping/coaching/trophy-lifting may not have stimulated the Spireites, it certainly had ths boys from Apollon Limassol excited. The night turned out to be one of their 'cheat' nights and the alcohol was out over dinner.

By kick-off, and throughout the long encounter that followed, the Cypriots shouted, jeered, sang, danced and chanted their way around the hotel, mostly to loud and very Cypriot music, not stopping until well into the evening. Our Brits abroad are very much behaving themselves.

This morning's training session was intense. Two games with two small-sided teams, four mini goals, a zipping ball with non-stop turning and twisting from the players, really impressive.

A notable non-footballing highlight was physio Rodger Wylde emerging mid-session in the tightest of grey singlets and horrendously rolled up shorts, with the laughter from every other member of the traveling party nearly ending the training session early.

Lunch time preceeded a flexibility session in the pool, and while the playing staff may be a fine group of honed athletes, the swimming abilities vary massively. It would of course be mean to single-out specifics, however.

At 3:30pm and the word 'knackered' being heard a fair amount, it was time for a fruit snack before a two hour rest before another structured match session out on the grass. Honestly, the staff are tired, I have a new-found appreciation of the fitness and dedication of footballers.

Tonight looks likely to a quiet one, a few players seem keen to walk into the village and see what's what, but a lot more are likely to relax in their rooms and accidentally slip into sleep, you really wouldn't blame them.

There will be more from the diary tomorrow.

Iain Pearce - Spireites Media Team

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