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MEDIA WEEKLY: Boxes of Press Box Cheers

18 August 2016

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Well that wasn't a bad week, was it? Two Proact games down and already a third of the way to last season's total of home wins.

Home matches are great, as you know what's what and it's a short hop home at the end of the day, but they also bring responsibilities and scurrying if and when problems pop up.

Boxes on boxes

Swindon Town at home and the first home match of the season. From our media perspective you can check and re-check the big screen, the concourse TVs and the myriad of other media systems running, but you can be fairly confident something's going to go wrong after the summer break, and it's never the thing you expected.

On the whole the match passed well enough, a win always helps, however just ahead of kick-off it was discovered that the interview room just off the tunnel, which is fairly poky at the best of times and normally locked was chock-full of Steve the kitman's boxes of training wear.

The Proact may have 10,000 luscious seats, but sadly no special provisions were made in the blueprints for a place to store dozens of kit boxes, and we do have to use that room for Danny's post-match interview as it's got the sponsors' backdrop in it, which is an EFL stipulation.

Steve moved as much as he could, but if the post-match interviews seemed a little cosier than normal, it's because I was interviewing the manager standing on one box with my arm bent around another; all with excellent soundproofing mind you.

Sing when we're winning

Well, how about that Walsall match for a win? It did seem like a goal was finally coming as we entered the final stages, but what a thunderbolt of a way to get things going.

In such situations we do try and keep calm and professional up in the press box, but we very rarely manage to do so after a goal. It's not just us though, many an opposition press officer can be heard whooping when their side has managed to sneak a strike into the Spireites' net.

One of my favourite things about the role is the camaraderie between all the different clubs' media teams. Unlike in much of the non-footballing world, we have little direct competition for fans with other teams, and it means that we all, as a rule, get along really well, enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat when our sides meet - and apologise for goal-scoring raucousness as we're lining up the player interviews in the tunnel after the final whistle.

All roads lead to Shrewsbury

If you're heading to the New Meadow on Saturday, and not planning to see Justin Bieber, Rhianna and David Guetta on the way (crikey, I feel old writing things like that) then it might be an idea to take a different route from normal, or risk the traffic and conversion as a Belieber.

Here's some advice on the subject, courtesy of Spireites Police.

Iain Pearce - Spireites Media Team

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