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The Belgian Spireites' Diary

2 May 2015

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The Belgian Spireites have spent this week in Chesterfield helping out by volunteering with club and with local community projects, here's their account of their hectic week.

What a week! Four Belgians on a 1960s train, one of them driving. How did we get there? I guess that's just another crazy and twisted situation for the Belgian Spireites.

A couple of years ago we were studying journalism together: good friends, but rivals when it came to football. In 2011, we decided to choose an English team to support 'til we die. Chesterfield appeared to be the right choice, and we made it.

The Sheffield match on Sunday will be our 20th game, after four years of our crazy Spireites life. We have cycled from Brussels to Chesterfield in 2013 and walked for a week through the Peak District in 2014. This year we wanted to spend some time in Town - and while we're here, why not be useful for the community? 

"Hello Howard Borrell, have you got any plans for us?" Of course he had. With some friends he set up a full week of various activities, volunteering and doing some community work.

And here were are on this train at Barrow Hill. In the Roundhouse, we gave a hand preparing things for the beer festival. Mainly carrying pieces of the bar from one place to another. We worked with a guy named Dale and even if he's a Newcastle fan, we almost converted him to the Spireites' cause. Big up Dale, let your heart speak and join us!

Working with trains was pretty easy, but that morning we weren't so confident when we had to meet students from New Witthington School. They were between 5 and 10-years-old and it was scary to speak in front of such a huge crowd. But they prepared a lot of interesting questions, we did our best to answer them and we hope that was a morning they will remember.

The day after and we had a new challenge. Howard took us to the Ashgate Hospice second hand warehouse. We had to sort all sorts of clothes, from shoes to bed linings and once again it wasn't easy. Thanks go to the manager Sally who taught us what to keep in the shop, keep up to good work. And we learned one thing to remember: if you ever give clothes to charity, make sure you have washed them first!

Have you ever tasted Belgian waffles? Some Spireites had this opportunity on Wednesday. Your favorite Belgians were cooking them (well, at least they tried) and according to our objective customers, they were delicious. We also had the chance to meet Francis, Chester the Fieldmouse's cousin from Belgium. He had a little chat with the children at Chester's Den and he was very happy with his experience. 

Here we are, already Thursday. We thought we knew Chesterfield and its surroundings but have found out that we didn't. We discovered Chatsworth House and the Arkwright Mill in Cromford. Such a beautiful place and loaded with history. A major site like this deserves to be preserved and that's what we tried to do. We helped carrying boxes filled with old financial records from one place to another. It was heavy and dusty but we were happy to help. 

At the moment, we're in the club's press room for our last day. We took some pictures during morning training and then we were invited to the Spireites Speakeasy session. There we had such a rewarding and interesting chat with our fellow Spireites fans. 

Tonight, thanks to Phil Tooley, we'll have a candlelit dinner with Paul Cook. Feel safe and relax Cookie, everything is going be okay. 

We're Spireites 'til we die and don't forget to bounce if you love the Town. See you when we have the next twisted idea! If you have any, let us know (and like us on Facebook.)

The Belgian Spireites

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