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Brian Carey Interview: Part 2

27 June 2015

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In the second half of our interview with assistant manager Brian Carey, the Irishman talks more about his relationship with manager Dean Saunders.

The pair have worked together previosuly at Wrexham, Doncaster Rovers and Wolverhampton Wanderers, with Carey feeling that it's their differences that are their strengths.

"We're probably opposites," he said. "Dean's a lot more outgoing and his enthusiasm and character is bubbly. I'm not saying I'm not any of that, but I would say that we rebound well off each other. He can trust me and ask me for an opinion and I'll give it to him. 

"Then at the end of the day he'll make a decision and he knows I'll back him. We have got a good working relationship and it's worked well so far."

While Saunders was a world-renowned striker, Carey spent his career at the other end of the pitch stopping goals from the centre of defence, and Carey believes that this is another factor that helps the duo to create a well-balanced team.

He said: "It does help and I think that's really important. I wouldn't say Dean's totally attacking as he has changed since he's been in management and the coaching has changed his outlook since he started.

"Likewise I've changed, in some ways we've almost reversed roles where I've become more attacking. Dean's banged goals in for years but has now learned that any team that is successful needs to keep clean sheets."

Carey moved from a youth coaching role at Blackburn Rovers, and while his new position at the Proact carries less security with it, the assistant manager says it was an easy move to make.

He said: "It's more cut-throat and it's probably less secure, but I'm at a stage now where I'm not looking at it like that. I'm confident that we can get it going, make a good job of it and continue the good work that's been done here. 

"You've got to take the risk and the gamble - I could have stayed in a more secure job but the opportunity to come here, in particularly when you look at the stadium here and the squad we've got, that made the decision quite easy."

With pre-season very much in sight now, Carey is looking to 2015/16 and a positive season for the Spireites.

"The main thing for me is to try and maintain and make further progress - that has to be the aim. There's obviously a formula in place here that's worked quite well, there's no point ripping everything apart, it's not like that.

"There's some really good foundations in place. We can try to maintain and add to that, bringing in some ideas of our own." 

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