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Chester's Asian Adventure

16 July 2015

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After a long absence, Chester the Field Mouse stuffed toys are now back in stock at the Club Superstore - though getting them there hasn't been easy.

Chester himself has been busy of late making sure his fans can get hold of their field mouse keepsakes and here is the Spireites' mascot to tell the story.

Hello Spireites, Chester here. Not so long ago Maureen in the Club Superstore used to sell little stuffed versions of me and to no surprise I was a very popular mouse!

Being popular was very good but it meant that I sold out quickly, everyone wanted to have a mini Chester to take home and look after. Sadly, once my stuffed toys were gone from the shop, they disappeared and no more could be ordered. 

That's when my friend Maureen came to the rescue. You see, she had bought herself one of the toys before they sold out, and this meant that the stuffed toy could be sent away to be copied, but the only place Maureen could send me to be looked at was China. 

That meant a long and unexpected trip to Asia for me! Over in China my stuffed toy was dissected and after they had mastered my good looks and long teeth they sent back a prototype copy that they had managed to create. 

Back at the Proact, Maureen received the parcel two weeks later and was very happy with what they had done. She ordered plenty of boxes of my toys and now some weeks later I'm finally back in the Club Superstore and on sale again.

Pick up your Chester the Field Mouse stuffed toy now, only at the Club Superstore, where Maureen will sell you one for £15.

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