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Award for Mitchells Accountants

31 October 2014

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Mitchells Accountants, a member of Club 66, were successful at the British Chambers of Commerce regional awards.

Recognised for ‘Best Use of Technology to Improve Business Performance’, Mitchells Accountants transform their clients’ businesses using more than just accountancy skills! 

The technology that they have harnessed has been branded as ‘CloudMitchells’ and allows them to offer the following to local businesses:

- A platform to quench the thirst for content access to data, regardless of where the business owner/ management/ staff are located, regardless of time/day. 

- CloudMitchells helps them to be more proactive with their advice as they engage ‘during’ not ‘after’ - curbing problems before they become unmanageable and spotting opportunities to streamline costs and exploit growth. 

- Fast and thorough business monitoring - they provide a helicopter view of key stats for business owners and managers. This is in the form of a one-page dashboard graphic that, at a glance, highlights areas to address or congratulate i.e. cash-flow, credit control, progress toward goals.

- Curb Information Overload! See the stats you need to see with their insights and general visibility.

- Staff can work from multiple locations, simultaneously - yet their combined efforts are synchronised and can be viewed remotely for management purposes. Create an open and communicative environment allowing teams to connect virtually.   

- This provides businesses with the ability to grow and disperse physically without additional IT costs. 

- The cloud based technology also enables business owners to offer more choice of employment models i.e. work from home.

- A major benefit of working with Mitchells is that clients can eliminate the need to buy complex arrangements of servers and on premise software. In fact there is nothing/very little in terms of hardware cost and simple monthly fee for accountancy services.

- Increased business productivity can be traced to automation allowing for faster communication of strategy, increased time spent on strategic priorities and greater project completion rates.

- Support for your growth - a lack of IT capacity can be one of the biggest barriers to the growth of a business. Mitchells Accountants promise fast and easy scalability to ensure you always have access to the resources you need as your business grows. 

- The assurance of speed, security and backup is standard with Mitchells - whether you wish to just backup your accounts or perhaps even data, records, documents and digital assets. Should the worst happen (we’ve all seen what a bit of snow can do!) we will have a backed up and live version of your precious assets.

- Over and above accounts, there are many functions from the suite of technology such as diary, CRM functions and internet-based communication platforms which you can use for client engagement i.e. video meetings/ webinars and training. Moreover such technology allows Mitchells to engage with you remotely, for meetings or various free training programs. 

Mitchells Accountants will continue to trail blaze in the effort to make business operations and growth easier for their clients. Their motto is ‘if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it’ - this is why they were recognised by the Chamber with the prestigious award.

George Cowcher, the chief executive of the Chamber, said: “The winners reflects the role key role these businesses play in helping drive the UK’s economy forward.” BCC President Nora Senior said: “These businesses play a crucial role in creating a balanced and prosperous economy and one that is admired on the global stage. They are hungry for growth, constantly seeking new opportunities in local and global economies, creating new products for market, and sharing best practice with their peers.”

Along with eight finalists in other award categories, Mitchells Accountants represent the region at the national finals on Thursday, November 27 in London. We wish them luck.

To find out more about the company, please view:

Mitchells Accountants can be contacted on 01246 274121. Speak to Andrew McDaid, their Cloud champion!

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