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Saturday, August 16 - Minutes

23 August 2014

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Present at the meeting

 Chris Turner, Nick Johnson, Angela Bray, Jon Morris, Gary Bown, Lesley Brentnall, Sarah Frisby, Roy Frisby, Nigel Goodlad, Maurice Whyman, Daryl Carpenter and Ian Browes. Apologies received from Marcia Bigg and Andy Boden.

The meeting opened with Chris Explaining the financial situation at the club. This included the day to day running costs and how the budget could not withstand paying high wages and signing on fees for players. If any players become available that fit in to Paul’s plans and are within the budget they will be signed on.

General Points

We have a special rate with Ringwood Hall and Casa for overnight stays if needed.

The club shop was refitted by HTM with very little cost to the club. This has seen increased sales throughout the summer and has been well received by supporters.

Ian Dunbavin did go to Portugal with his friend Steven Gerrard picking up the bill.

The summer concerts.

The Tom Jones concert was a success but the Sunday concert not so. This was down to a number of reasons including the marketing of the event, prices being too high for the target market and also the fact that the target audience were in the middle of exams. In hindsight the second concert should have not taken place, but we were assured by the promoters it would be a success.

The monthly payment plan for season tickets Through Zebra finance had been very popular after the initial hold up with the new rules from the FCA. This will also be an option for the half season tickets.

After the changeover from Josh to the new media assistant Iain there were a few issues with the True Blue Travel section on the website but this has now been sorted.

The prices for the pre season friendlies were set to maximise income for the visit of two high level clubs.

The new scoreboard is too expensive to install at the moment and a sponsor is being actively sought to help cover the cost.

Nigel is make enquiries into the cost of a flagpole.

We have a new match night announcer who took over at short notice. There were some mistakes made on his first night but hopefully these will be rectified today.

The trouble with the scoreboard is the software for it is very basic and sometimes takes a while to re boot if it crashes, again hopefully will work better today.

Ian asked if the birthday announcements could be read out at half time as they used to be.

The memorial garden will have its official opening on September 28th.

Investment is still being actively sought through different channels.

The wifi which was to be trialled throughout the stadium has not been as successful as first thought. When the IT company came to set it up it does not cover the area we first thought the expense would be too much at the moment.

Could we have a betting area on concourse? Chris will ask Ashley.

The coverage in the Derbyshire has been a lot better since we spoke to the editor and he will be invited back as soon as possible.

The end of season DVD has been well received with over a 100 copies already sold.

Liam Sutcliffe and Gerry Carr will be invited to the next meeting which will be held on Saturday, October 18 at 10am.

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