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Football Development Camps

30 August 2013

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An opportunity for our players to receive quality coaching in line with our philosophy and enable us as a club to increase the amount of annual contact time our development players receive.

This may in time be extended to our Academy players. This will provide players with an estimated 16/18 extra hours of coaching over three days.
Each day will be charged at £15.00 and each camp will last three days. This will start at October half term and will run in every school holidays. 
This will average 8 Football Development Camps per year. This means our players can access around 120 extra coaching hours working on:
9-11 age groups:

1. Touch manipulation and pass mastery
2. Fundamental Movements
3. Attacking
4. Defending
5. A to B consistency
6. Small Sided conditioned games to capture and enhance a players understanding
7. Building of confidence through success

12-16 age groups

1. All of the above in smaller quantities
2. Roles and Responsibilities on a pitch
3. Position Specific coaching
4. Phases of play on a number of topics to aid our players development and game understanding
5. Functions, waves and technical practices to enable players to understand the game better and their role in a match related situation

This will be a really fun and enjoyable environment but will be a demanding learning environment for all the players who attend.
If you wish to book a place and you are currently a registered player of the club, please email:
We will then release further information on start times, finish times and what the players will require during the three day camps.
This first day of our first development camp during the October half term school holiday will be free.

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