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Posted Sat 05 Feb 11 at 18:30 PM

Spireites 2 Shots 2

Chesterfield sprung a surprise by bringing Jack Lester back into the starting line-up a week or two earlier than his recent injury prognosis had suggested might be possible. With Jack named in the same line-up as Deane Smalley and Craig Davies, the line-up promised a 4-3-3. Dean Holden replaced Craig Clay on the bench.

A change was made among the assistant referees where, in a late replacement to the advertised official, Sian Massey made a welcome return to Football League action following her inadvertent involvement in recent controversy.

After a quiet opening seven minutes the game sprung to life with a goal for Chesterfield. A Mark Allott long throw was headed on by Ian Breckin and DEANE SMALLEY headed home unmarked from inside the six-yard box after jumping well to reach it.

Ben Herd was yellow-carded on 12 for his second foul of the game on Smalley. Craig Davies was set free by Lester's good work on 17 but had to go wide to control it, and ended up firing over from around twelve yards. A free kick on 21 found the head of Ian Breckin again, and his header across the goalmouth saw Davies fire into the side netting. Another good Lester ball on 23 let Smalley in, but Herd's touch put enough on the ball to make Young the favourite.

As Chesterfield continued comfortable dominance, two more Aldershot players were booked, within a couple of minutes of eachother. Simon Grande was the first, for putting his boot into the small of Talbot's back; McGlashan followed him in for fouling Griffiths as he attempted to run through down the left some thirty yards out.

Davies ran across the Aldershot half from left to right on 35, getting closer to the goal before firing from 25 yards, narrowly wide. At the other end, Rodman tested Lee, who took two goes to gather his close-range shot.

Chesterfield won the game's first corner when a deep ball forward was guided into touch by Herd, who was probably unaware that Smalley was close to reaching it himself, behind him. The short corner was cleared. Jones did well to hook a cross away as Lester and Davies waited to pick up the pieces.

Lee did well to bat the ball away from McGlashan as he bore down on Mattis's short backpass. Griffiths cleared for Aldershot's first corner as the half entered stoppage time, but little happened to threaten Chesterfield's comfortable control.

Halftime: Chesterfield 1 Aldershot Town 0. Attendance: 5669 (199 Aldershot)

A free kick remained uncleared by the Aldershot defence and Allott powered a shot goalwards, but Young pushed it away for a corner on 47.Allott was booked for a foul on McGlashan on 49. From the free kick Aldershot won a corner, but Tommy Lee claimed the cross with strength and purpose.

Rodman's shot tested Lee on 53, and his parry was cleared by Vidal for a throw.Aldershot won a corner off Smalley on 56; With Aldershot pressing men onto Lee as the ball came over,Vidal and Mattis were forced to clear off the line to preserve the Spireites lead, which had looked increasingly fragile over the previous five minutes.

Ian Morris replaced the hard-working Craig Davies on the hour. Aldershot equalised on 61 after a free kick from Rodman was not defended well, and Sills rifled the high ball past Lee from eight yards. Hilton replaced Vincenti before the game resumed.

Jordan Bowery replaced Jack Lester after 73. Vidal was booked for a foul on McGlashan. Rodman's free kick came to Sills and he shot for goal but Lee saved on the goal line. Lee was forced into another important save on 75, at the expense of a corner. From the kick Allott was penalised for handball after the ball hit him under the armpit. He threw an arm up to protect his face but turned as the kick came towards him, and from the referee's perspectiveit was an easy pen to give. Rodmanfired the ball low and flat, and Lee saved it; Sills followed up, however, to give Aldershot the lead.

Morris put a fine ball through to Bowery and the forward was brought down, seemingly inside the box, just; the referee gave it just outside, though. Whitaker's clever lobbed kick was touched over. Chesterfield kept the pressure on from the corner and Allott's neat inside passcame to DEANE SMALLEY, whose sudden burst of speed forced Herd to slip, and he advance to fire the equaliser home from around ten yards on 85.

Aldershot brought Morris and Fortune on for McGlashan and Sills to protect the point. As time went past the 90 a Morris cross was sliced away for a corner. Despite almost continual Chesterfield pressure Aldershot defence stood strong, and the points were shared.

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