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Match Report


Posted Sat 22 Aug 09 at 16:55 PM

Shrews 1 Spireites 1

After the fine win over Notts County on Wednesday, John Sheridan announced an unchanged Spireite line-up for the third game running. Shrewsbury made two changes in the wake of their 5-0 drubbing at Dagenham in midweek.

Tommy Lee was forced into early action, diving and stretching to reach a shot from Hibbert after three minutes, pushing it round to concede a corner. This was cleared for another, and that was cleared more conclusively. Lee clearly hurt himself in saving, and Mark Crossley began warming up. Apart from that, there were few worries for either side in the first ten minutes; Chesterfield understood that the home side would look to make an aggressive start after their midweek result, and soaked up such early pressure as there was very well.

Chesterfield won their first corner on 12, after good work between McDermott and Picken presented Lester with a chance that was deflected behind by Holden. Page was the target of the corner but protested with justification that his shirt had been strongly pulled as the kick came in.

A foot up on Lester presented the visitors with a chance some 20 yards out, on 16. McDermott's free kick went high and wide. As Chesterfield came more into the game Holden was forced to volley clear with Breckin and McDermott threatening, on 22.

Page's experience saw him deny Elder on 28 by putting his body between the man and the ball; Lee collected the scraps.

Shrewsbury took the lead on 30 when Holden's cross eluded Elder, but Leslie came late to direct a header past Lee.

Chesterfield won a corner in first-half injury time which McDermott took, but it was cleared, and the return found Lester offside.

Halftime: Shrews 1 Spireites 0 (Attendance 5086; 406 from Chesterfield.)

Coughlan gave away an early corner despite being under little pressure. Page's header from Lester's chip caught a deflection and went out for another corner. Neal did well to collect Lowry's cross. Drew Talbot let the ball get away from him a little on 49 and shot well wide in the end.

Shrewsbury came back as the half opened brightly, earning a corner on 51. Langmead had a free header at the near post but managed to clear the bar. Hibbert got on to a cross on 54 but steered it wide; Elder was better-placed behind him.

Talbot got into a great position and crossed on 50, Lester lost Langmead but steered the visitors' best chance so far wide, from a tight angle. Disley came back at the visitors and shot, but Lee saved well. Niven volleyed over the bar from 12 as the defence backpedalled on 59.

Lowry took a free kick that was cleared for a corner on 63. Lowry's corner was returned and he crossed, but Hibbert volleyed away. Despite apparent tiredness the visitors managed to stretch the home side but, in chasing the game, left gaps of their own at the back. Shrewsbury made the game's first substitution, replacing Elder with Robinson on 65.

Jamie Lowry equalised for Chesterfield on 67 after taking McDermott's pass and cutting in, shooting with confidence past Chris Neal. McDermott had begun to cause trouble with menacing runs after moving more central, and it was just such a run that set up the equalising goal.

Coughlan had to head Talbot's fine cross for a corner as Lowry closed in. Page appeared to be baulked at the corner but it came to Talbot, who shot over. Still, the goal had given new confidence and the visitors were now on the front foot. Lowry broke on 72 and found Talbot, who had a lot of work to do but managed to beat men and get a cross over, despite having to wait for support. In the event neither Lester or Lowry could get a touch, and a fine chance went begging.

Shrewsbury made a second substitution on 75, Labadie being replaced with McIntyre. Murray's low drive was a rather wasted effort after the home side's first decent spell of possession for a while. McIntyre gave an indication of why he was brought on when going in late on Niven after 77, but Shrewsbury won a free kick that gave Lesie the chance to aim at the big men in the box. Murray's shot in the melee hit his own man and Niven made a saving clearance near his own goal line.

Robinson hit the post on 80 and the return came to Disley, but Lee dived bravely at his feet to deny him at the expense of a corner, which was wasted. Robinson ran at the defence and shot on 81, but Lee saved. Austin came in to deny Robinson from a cross to the back post as Shrewsbury's turn to press saw Chesterfield cling on. Talbot managed to break but found himself waiting for support again; McDermott arrived but shot wide.

The home side made their last change, bringing on Dunfield for Sherriff on 83. Martin Gritton came on for Jack Lester on 89. Leslie shot wide of Lee's post as the game entered stoppage time. Shrewsbury continued to press but the visitors held firm to claim a decent-looking point.

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